Top 10 things in makeup that I like

Everybody has their own styles and likes with makeup. Some like exotic bright eye shadow colors, while others might say they like no eye shadow and just blush. Some people prefer Gothic makeup while there are others that see it as just Halloween makeup. It’s the preferences and diversities that make each look special and unique. I have my top ten that I prefer, so if you want to share what you like then feel free to share by commenting.

10. Bright Red Eye Shadow (Be careful if you get this, a lot of people tend to be allergic to it. It is usually just sold in stores.)

9. Paint Pot Eye Shadow from Mac

8. Muted Red Lipstick

7. Gothic Makeup

6. Brown Eyeliner (Pencil)

5. Fake Eyelashes

4. Making my own Glitter Tattoos (they last longer then the ones you get at the store)

3. Fantasy Makeup

2. Sugar Skull

1. Bubble Goth makeup

 “If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.” – Billy Joel


1 Comment

  1. I like blue mascara. 🙂 Maybe sometime you could explain glitter tattoos. They sound interesting.


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