Farewell {for now}

Due to the holidays coming up and school work. I will take a pause into my blog. I hope to continue again starting January, but before the holidays start and exams, I will give one more tutorial and this one will be an easy skin care for oily skin and tutorial.

Every person has their own way of keeping their skin away from acne. To simple soaps to a top brand. For oily skin, your face can become icky and acne prone fast, especially for teenagers.

1. Find a brand that you want. For just simple off brand soap, use a non scented one if your skin gets irritated easily. Plus personally I don’t really trust cheap scented soap for your face. It’s your canvas, don’t get it irritated. Sometimes soaps come with little beads in it to help get dead skin off. I highly recommend that, but don’t use it frequently.

2. Once you found a brand that you like use lukewarm to very warm water to splash on your face for a few seconds, then get a generous amount of your soap and rub it on your face till bubbly. Then with warm water take it off.

3. After washing splash cold water on your face, it helps close your pores and helps you wake up if you are doing this in the morning.

4. Then wipe your face off with a clean, fluffy towel. (For extra cleanliness for anything highly serious with zits, put rubbing alcohol on your face.)

Happy Holidays! 


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