Foundation and powder

One thing I love about foundation, it makes my face look smoother and evened out. Your face is like a painting, so you would want a fresher background.  The powder helps the foundation not crease, because if it creases, it looks like wrinkles.

So to apply-

1.Clean your face first and find the foundation that works best for you. To find the right foundation color, know your skin color and if you have warm, cold, or neutral skin undertones.

2. You can use your fingers, sponge, or a brush to apply. Using the “paintbrush” you use, apply evenly on your face and blend to make any skin tone differences not noticeable. You can extend down on your neck if you want to make it more even, but make sure you blend.

3. Once your done with foundation, use a press powder that closely matches your foundation. You can use the item that most press powders come with or a fluffy like brush. Apply lightly on your face. All you want to do is not make your face look less shiny and reduce the creasing in the foundation on your face. Too much will make it look weird and coated like.

(Remember to put on concealer first, you can go to my post that is named Concealer Power to learn how to do this.)

And there you have it! Go out smiling with your face looking fresh!

Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.– Rosalind Russell



Mascara, lip pencil, eyeliner, oh my!

All three of these items, I had my trouble with when I was younger.

The mascara would poke my eye and make me blink rapidly when it wasn’t dry, which led to little black dots around my eye. The lip pencil in all honestly made me feel weird because it never looked right in my opinion. Eyeliner was my biggest trouble of all time, I always flinched, it tickled my eyelids sometimes, and the feeling of something going near my eyes made me nervous.

There are a few tips that make putting on these makeup items easier.

Lip Pencil-

1. Find a pencil that would either match your lipstick or is a natural looking color to your lips.

2. Very lightly start tracing your lips where the point when your lips and skin meet. (No brainer, I know). Keeping adding very lightly till you get to the line that you want, it’s different for everybody.

3. Slightly smudge it moving into your lips, not outward to the skin. This makes it blend slightly to your lips. Just don’t smudge it to much, you’ll lose your line.


1. Get out your favorite mascara, or buy one that suits your fancy.

2. When getting it out, before you apply, get a square or two of toilet paper and cover the brush part of the mascara stick and roll it lightly to get excess mascara off. This tends to reduce the clumps that you get on your eyelashes.

3. Open your eye up nicely and make sure you have a mirror. Gently brush the mascara on your eyelashes. Don’t rush or you might poke your eye, just do it like a precise painter. If there are any clumps just carefully take your thumb and pointer finger and lightly grab your eyelashes and pull very lightly (don’t pull out your eyelashes just get the mascara that you want off)


1. Find your preference in eyeliner. I would generally use eyeliner pencil if your are a beginner, liquid eyeliner takes practice.

2. Gently warm the eyeliner with your fingers for an easier time putting it on.

3. Start tracing very near the waterline or on the waterline of your eye on the bottom eyelid and very near the lash line on your top eyelid. Wherever the pencil is look the opposite in that direction as best you can. This way it’s harder for you to see the eyeliner coming. It’s okay if you need to go slowly.

Voila! Your finished!

It’s nice to just embrace the natural beauty within you.” –Victoria Justice




Concealer power

If anybody sees me for the first time. Their first thought, definitely, is if somebody punched me and gave me a black eye.

Then I would have to start explaining I was born this way. The striking dark circles around my eyes is genetic from my father’s side of the family. Can it be a pain? Yes. I have learned how to hide most of my dark circles by using concealer.

Concealer is used to cover up dark circles and/or any blemishes on the skin that you want to cover up. This is the basic way of getting and applying concealer.

1. First find a concealer that is one of two shades higher than your skin color. This may take trial and error. Sometimes they may not have your exact color that you need. So don’t be afraid to do a little mixing. It’s just like painting almost.

2. Once you get your concealer, get a little amount out on your fingers or the back of your hand. You can use a brush, sponge, or even your fingers to apply your concealer. Just make sure to wash your hands first before you put it on.

3. To apply, gently tap and blend in on your blemish or dark circles. Try to not pull your skin or you may get early wrinkles. I have made that mistake during my middle school years and ended up having slight wrinkles under my eyes. Not to noticeable, but not good.

4. Really blend the edges out of your concealer or it may look like little light clear dots or white circles once you apply on the rest of your makeup.

And Voila! You applied your concealer.

The type of brand of concealer is up to you. I use Mac because it does wonders for me, but for someone on a budget they might want to use CoverGirl or Revlon.

Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them.” -David Hume