Concealer power

If anybody sees me for the first time. Their first thought, definitely, is if somebody punched me and gave me a black eye.

Then I would have to start explaining I was born this way. The striking dark circles around my eyes is genetic from my father’s side of the family. Can it be a pain? Yes. I have learned how to hide most of my dark circles by using concealer.

Concealer is used to cover up dark circles and/or any blemishes on the skin that you want to cover up. This is the basic way of getting and applying concealer.

1. First find a concealer that is one of two shades higher than your skin color. This may take trial and error. Sometimes they may not have your exact color that you need. So don’t be afraid to do a little mixing. It’s just like painting almost.

2. Once you get your concealer, get a little amount out on your fingers or the back of your hand. You can use a brush, sponge, or even your fingers to apply your concealer. Just make sure to wash your hands first before you put it on.

3. To apply, gently tap and blend in on your blemish or dark circles. Try to not pull your skin or you may get early wrinkles. I have made that mistake during my middle school years and ended up having slight wrinkles under my eyes. Not to noticeable, but not good.

4. Really blend the edges out of your concealer or it may look like little light clear dots or white circles once you apply on the rest of your makeup.

And Voila! You applied your concealer.

The type of brand of concealer is up to you. I use Mac because it does wonders for me, but for someone on a budget they might want to use CoverGirl or Revlon.

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