Foundation and powder

One thing I love about foundation, it makes my face look smoother and evened out. Your face is like a painting, so you would want a fresher background.  The powder helps the foundation not crease, because if it creases, it looks like wrinkles.

So to apply-

1.Clean your face first and find the foundation that works best for you. To find the right foundation color, know your skin color and if you have warm, cold, or neutral skin undertones.

2. You can use your fingers, sponge, or a brush to apply. Using the “paintbrush” you use, apply evenly on your face and blend to make any skin tone differences not noticeable. You can extend down on your neck if you want to make it more even, but make sure you blend.

3. Once your done with foundation, use a press powder that closely matches your foundation. You can use the item that most press powders come with or a fluffy like brush. Apply lightly on your face. All you want to do is not make your face look less shiny and reduce the creasing in the foundation on your face. Too much will make it look weird and coated like.

(Remember to put on concealer first, you can go to my post that is named Concealer Power to learn how to do this.)

And there you have it! Go out smiling with your face looking fresh!

Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.– Rosalind Russell