Eyebrows and blush

Eyebrows usually aren’t considered a big deal for me. Yet, people have taken great lengths to make them neat. Some even going to lengths or waxing parts off. Since I like to go natural with my everyday makeup, simple tricks will do.

1. Get a tiny brush designed for eyebrows. It should have an angle to it.

2. Next find an eye shadow that is closest to your hair color of your eyebrows.

3. Once you get these two materials with you. Gently dab into the eye shadow and get the least amount on your brush. Then, start brushing in the direction of your eyebrows. Your eyebrows should look a bit neater and have a little more color. If you need more repeat the same process.

When it comes to blush with me bare minimal on the cheeks as possible. Others like a lot more. To get a natural look to your blush, follow these steps.

1. Find a blush that is not to dark and not to light to your skin tone. This will help you if you are starting to pick out blush.

2. Once you get your blush, you can do two things. Get a fluffly-like makeup brush to apply it on, or to make a cream out of it, rub your pointer finger in your blush and get a pinch of your concealer and mix together to apply it on your cheeks wherever you need it.

4. (If you use a brush ONLY) If you are going out with a full face of makeup on, you can lose some natural blush that you do have. Gently get a VERY slight amount on your brush, tap out excess, and apply lightly to the forehead and nose.

Stay happy. 🙂

“To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything.”Marc Jacobs


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  1. My eyebrows have a mind of their own. Thanks for the tip. I think it’s strange that I have blond hair and black eyebrows. I like the quote. Very nice touch!


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